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Woodism is a serious pop culture-based religion. We use pop culture and its popularity to inject spirituality to those people out there that might not get too much from the more mainstream religions like Catholicism and Christianity. We believe in and follow late cult director Edward D. Wood Jr. and look to him as a savior. Note "A" savior, not THE savior. By looking at Ed's films and his life, we all try to lead a happy, positive life, a life of acceptance of others and of the self. Woodism is a frame of mind and not a list of rules. The basic premise of Woodism coincides with what we believe was the basic premise of Ed Wood himself, which is the constant search for happiness and the following of dreams and being proud of who you are. There are no specific practices in Woodism other than to constantly be proud of who you are, accept others, and don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't do. If you want to smoke and cuss and rut and get completely drunk, as long as you're fine with it, then go for it. It's a punk libertarian religion. It's spirituality mixed with realism. There are over 3,000 legal Woodites worldwide who believe in Ed's universal messages of happiness and love and like Ed we accept everyone into our arms.

And yes, this is totally serious.






This is our "updates" section. Here you can not only read about what's new on the web page, or what's new with the church, but also what's new with Reverend Steve, our eclectic founder, who will randomly be talking about his day right here to better inform you of Woodism and of the day-to-day life of Reverend Steve!

  • June 6th, 2016:
    Still kicking! Things are happening. We have formed a strong bond with Undead Cow studios and we're currently in pre-production for a Church of Ed Wood themed show for OSI 74 on Roku so look forward to that. We're also still going strong and preaching the word of Wood on the podcast THE POPE ON FILM which just recorded its 80th episode! Quite a feat! Seriously, it's a funny and massively offensive show and you should give it a listen. And on a personal note, the Galindo family is about to welcome a brand new family member, so maybe visit Reverend Steve's blog to see how that's going and junk. So, yeah, loooots of stuff happening. This page has been around since 1996! And it's still kicking! Can you believe it?

  • June 26th, 2015:
    YES, we are STILL HERE! I'm working on a new Lesson of Wood aaaaaaand there may or may not be a biiiiiiig new Church of Ed Wood project coming up that I hope to announce verrrrry soon! YES! So stick around ...

  • December 10th, 2014:
    The Church of Ed Wood is still here. Pretty awesome, right? Just a quick note, guys. I'm updating a few things here and there, making things look fresh. Also, there's a BRAND NEW PODCAST that focuses on movies and Ed Wood and prrrrretty much everything else. It's called THE POPE ON FILM and you can listen to it here or subscribe ti it on iTunes. Good stuff. Please support, like, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase.

  • November 9th, 2013:
    The Church of Ed Wood is STILL going strong! Praise Wood! We've been around for over a well decade and thru highs and lows we AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE! We have made a pretty big announcement recently, so be sure and read LESSON 33 of the neverending Lessons of Wood. Pretty good read. Fun stuff. Check it out. And as always be sure and visit our leader Reverend Steve on his blog where he rants and raves and tries to share a free movie every sunday or follow him on Twitter for a glimpse at his insanity. Again, thank you and praise Wood!


    The founder of Woodism and the head of the Church of Ed Wood. Born Esteban Christian Galindo in 1977, he founded Woodism as a joke web page, ED WOOD = GOD, way back in 1996 but transformed it into a legal religion in 1997 and has since devoted his entire life to preaching and promoting Ed Wood's holy loving messages of happiness and positivity and acceptance.

    When he is not out preaching and saving lives, Reverend Steve spends his free time as a writer, actor, bookseller, legally canonized saint, father and all around nice guy. He works way too hard in his day job as the manager of the children's department of a Barnes and Noble bookstore in Sacramento, California, and he has a delightful daughter named Emerald and younger darling angel daughter named Isabela (Named after Bela Lugosi) as well as a loving, supportive, big tittied wife named Natasha that is his entire life (beyond coffee and his Gamecube). Reverend Steve does not do any illegal drugs (people worldwide somehow assume he's a huge drug addict) but he DOES drink enough coffee in a single day to probably kill a small goat. He gets his drink on occasionally, although no way near as hardcore as he used to drink back in the day. Now he drinks to be closer to Ed.

    Reverend Steve can be seen as a supporting actor periodically on television's Cinema Insomnia and is currently in pre-production on about three films, one being a thriller shot in Alcatraz Penitentiary. He is a happy, nice, cool guy who loves comic books and professional wrestling and does a very successful and award-winning storytime for young kids and he's the leader of a Harry Potter book club for children ages 7-12 that meets once a month. Steve likes to think of himself as a singer sometimes, even though he can't sing worth shit. Also, his mother thinks he looks like crap when he doesn't shave. Woodism is his life, his pride and joy, and he honestly feels that he was put here on this earth to preach Ed's messages of happiness and acceptance. Don't get him started talking about Ed Wood because he could talk you to death. Literally. Ed Wood is his life.

    "There's Ed Wood the man and 'Ed Wood' the character in the film by Tim Burton. People have to realize that those are two different people. The film by Tim Burton, yes, it IS a beautiful film and it shines a lot of light on the inner dialogue and hardships that he went through. But it is not a documentary by any means. Ed Wood was not constantly non-stop positive and optimistic by any means. No. he cried as much as he smiled when he walked this earth. That is something good to remember, that Ed Wood the man who walked this earth, he struggled and fought and kicked and screamed and bled for his films, to get his films made. He tried to be optimistic and there is a bit of truth to the eternally optimistic Ed that is portrayed in Tim Burton's film but Ed's lifelong struggle to showcase his art cannot be forgotten.

    Ed struggled. His life was a constant, non-stop struggle from when he was born up until his death. We all struggle, just like Ed did. Now, what seperates Ed Wood from everyone else is HOW he dealt with his hardships. Much like Jesus and his crucifiction, Ed was laughed at and spat on and tossed aside by Hollywood. He was mocked and discarded like trash. He was rejected and humiliated and left with nothing. And yet he continued. And yet he pressed on. And yet, somehow, he found the courage and strength and self-assurance to repeatedly get back up on his feet and make another movie. And that is something that Tim Burton's film only begins to capture. Ed suffered for his films and only now to we appreciate that. Only now do we realize how important his films were. Only now can we sit down, watch one of his films, and say thank you and hope that somehow he heard us."/i>

    -written September 1st, 2004 by Reverend Steve Galindo

    "I was reading a book the other day. It has a quote from the Dahli Lama where he said that the meaning of life was to seek happiness. Pure self-help bullshit hidden behind a prepackaged, watered down version of Buddhism. And yet I couldn't help but think of Ed Wood in that respect. Ed Wood seeked happiness his entire life and seeked love and joy with every single breath that he took and unlike everyone else on this world he occupied himself with being proud of who he was and not caring for one second about the boos and jeers of those around him. He was truly his own man and didn't let anyone or anything hold him down or reshape him or tell him what to do or think. Shouldn't that count for more than just a humorous footnote in society? Shouldn't the world's first real cinematic iconoclast be remembered and exhaulted instead of forgotten?

    "And that, dear naysayers, is why we are here. That is the true meaning of Woodism, to keep Ed Wood's spirit alive and to use him as an example to help others lead better lives. We're not here to scare you and we're not here to worship false idols and we're not here to spit on your precious little bible. We're here to showcase the life and works of Edward D. Wood Jr. We don't expect you to get it and we don't expect you to understand us. As Saint Bela once said ... one is always considered mad when one discovers something that others cannot grasp."

    -written March 2nd, 2004 by Reverend Steve Galindo

    "Ed Wood is the first and the last of his kind, a savior and yet a human being, a being of light and yet a man with feelings and emotions, a man of importance and yet a failure. All this makes Ed Wood a savior. He came into this world on October 10th, 1924 and set out to be a storyteller, a filmmaker, and a leader of men. He had passion, love, and a need to create stories and images and show them to the world. These images, his holy films, may not be perfect movies but neither are we, Ed's followers. That is why we love them, because they are made with love and they are an inspiration to those of us who understand Wood as a savior and as a man.

    "Ed Wood was a pioneer in his time. He is not an omnipotent superhero savior that looks down on us from heaven with anger and accusations. He is a savior who walked on the earth and danced behind of and in front of a motion picture camera with childlike abandonment. He was a man who howled at the moon and danced to the music of life and threw his cares to the wind in exchange for freedom of the soul. Eddie Wood was just like us, a man who struggled with life and acceptance, eventually settling for acceptance of himself. He was and still is a spirit of happiness and strength and peace to those of us who still believe in him and what he stood for.

    "Ed Wood chased his dreams his entire life, never stopping to care what people though of him or what people called him behind his back. Ed failed in bringing his message of positivity and happiness to the world during his life and eventually he died so that his films may live. And now we Woodites stand here on this earth with an acorn of Woodism that may one day, if we are to fill ourselves with the passion and the creative vision that our savior Ed had, it will grow into a mighty oak.

    "There are people in this world that do not believe in Ed Wood and his importance in society. There are people out there that will scoff at us for our beliefs, just as Ed was scoffed for being a cinematic visionary when he walked upon the earth. And you will be laughed at and you will be mocked and you will have hard times. But if you are to walk upon the road of Woodism then you must learn, as Ed learned in his short time on this earth, to not give a damn what other people say, to listen to your heart, and to have a damn good time while you're here!

    Ed Wood died for his films and now we live for them. Hell yeah!"

    -written December 7th, 2003 by Reverend Steve Galindo


    It is Ed Wood craft time, ladies and gentle-vatos! What follows is a simple, fun little craft to do on a rainy day, a snowy, day or just about any goddamn day you damn well please, fellow Woodites! This is a real great way to show your appreciation for Woodism while also wasting precious time and spending almost no money! This is what you want to do ... first, head on down to your local minority-prevalent supermarket and buy yourself one of those Jesus-ey candles that the brown people of American seem to love so much. It'll be cheap and fragile, so don't break it! Then simply take it home with you and decorate the candle for your own Woodian religious purposes (since no one currently makes Woodian candles). Pretty damn simple if you ask us!

    Reverend Steve does it all the time and makes them for friends and he has gotten pretty damn good at it.
    DO YOU NEED SOME HELP IN MAKING YOUR OWN WOODISM RELIGIOUS CANDLE? You do? Well then, here is what you do ... click right here for an exclusive religious image to use. Then, just print the image out, paste it on your Jesus candle, and there you go! You now have your very own Woodian religious candle! It's just that easy!


    The Church of Ed Wood is all about watching and talking Ed Wood and his films and his messages of love, but it is also about promoting Ed Wood and his films to the world and what better way to show your love of Ed Wood on your own web page than with one of these nice, neat, super spiffy Church of Ed Wood banners created just for you by Reverend Steve Galindo himself! Just right click your mouse and select "save picture as" and do with it what you will. It's up to all of us to preach and promote Woodism to everyone for then and only then will the world be saved!

    More banners coming soon! Check here soon for more info.